What is Feldenkrais?

To get more information about the Method you can click on the "What is Feldenkrais" link in the navigation bar or click here. To see a short video about the Method click here.

Why should I choose The Feldenkrais Method®?

You should choose whichever body modality you are most drawn to! For me The Feldenkrais Method® is unique in that it works with movement to effect improvement. I also appreciate the Method's gentle, pleasure-oriented, non-diagnostic and non-hierarchical approach. When we work together, I am not figuring out what's "wrong" with you and I am not the authority over your body. You are!

Why is the session called a "lesson?"

Moshe Feldenkrais felt that he was really more in the business of education rather than medicine. He felt that he was restoring people's ability to learn from their own experience. 

How does the The Feldenkrais Method® work?

Ah, the 100 thousand dollar question! The short answer is that The Feldenkrais Method® tunes into your nervous system's curiosity for learning and improvement. When I work with you, what I'm "listening" for is the ways in which and places where your body already moves with ease. This allows your nervous system to let go of the unnecessary work you're doing to accomplish basic functions, and instead, to find new ways that are more efficient, whole-bodied and mindful.    

I'm not a dancer and I'm not very flexible. Will Feldenkrais work for me?

Absolutely. Profession, flexibility, age, ability - none of this has anything to do with how the Method works or with your potential to improve and experience ease. 

How long is a lesson?

Privates at my home run about 75 minutes total, which includes a conversation at the beginning of the lesson to see how you're doing. Private lessons given at The Feldenkrais Institute are an hour maximum because of the structure of space rental. 

What do I wear to a private lesson?

A Feldenkrais lesson happens clothed. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable lying down and moving around in. I'll encourage you to take off your jewelry, shoes, belts, or any restricting hairbands. 

How many times should I come for a private before expecting improvement?

Ideally you will feel improvement, or, if you're dealing with pain or injury, reprieve after our very first lesson together! There is no fixed prescription for how often you "should" get Feldenkrais, but like any practice, you can expect more improvement from repeat visits.  This is something we can discuss in person.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am insured through the Feldenkrais Guild of North America.