The Feldenkrais Method ® is a mode of somatic education that uses movement as a means for learning, improvement, and freedom from physical difficulty. Developed by Moshe Feldenkrais, who was an engineer, scientist and judo master, the method synthesizes physics, motor development, bio-mechanics, psychology, and martial arts to prioritize function as the means whereby a person can learn to use themselves more effectively and with greater ease. To see a short video about The Feldenkrais Method® click here

There are two basic applications of the Method:

Functional Integration (FI) - This is a private one on one session with me. In an FI we always start with a conversation, where you talk about your current physical condition. From there the work usually involves you laying on a Feldenkrais table (similar to a massage table but lower and wider) and being gently and slowly moved in a variety of directions. The work is largely passive on your part unless I specifically ask you to direct your attention to a specific place in your body or to a specific direction. You wear comfortable clothes to the session and remain clothed throughout. What characterizes a Feldenkrais Method® Functional Integration lesson is the focus on movement, the subtlety and quality of attention evoked through a slow and sensitive pace, and the belief that your body knows best how to learn and improve from its own experience. An FI usually lasts anywhere from 40-75 minutes. To book an FI, click here.

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) An Awareness Through Movement lesson focuses on specific relationships and patterns of movement in a slow, detailed and comfortable manner. Structured as a class that usually happens on blankets or mats to insure total comfort, the student moves progressively from smaller to larger actions. Through oral instruction rather than demonstration, the student discovers their own way through the lesson, uncovering habits and unlocking new sensations and experiences that can lead to profound and lasting results in mobility and freedom from injury. Lessons are always open to people of all ages and abilities, and adaptations can always be made. To find where I'm teaching ATM, click here.